From the UK with love: Every month we surprise you with a hand curated selection of fresh seeds you can sow right away delivered to your door.

Keeping a garden looking beautiful and interesting all year round is hard work... Professional gardeners and landscapers plan their gardens months in advance, staying on top of gardening trends, researching different seed varieties, starting germination early for some varieties indoors, and scheduling sowing for optimal germination. Then they continue this process as the year progresses to ensure the garden remains interesting with a variety of annuals, perennials, and evergreen varieties.
Chances are you love gardening, but you simply wish there was an easier way to keep your garden in bloom, without having to spend a fortune on gardening services, and that's where we come in!

Each month Gardeners Box will send you our best picks to sow that month, along with easy to follow instructions and plant markers to plan your garden. That means you spend less time researching and buying seed varieties and more time enjoying yourself in the garden doing what you love best.

Plus each year your garden will look different, as we will keep updating our curated selections to make your garden the envy of your neighbourhood. Whether you're in the UK, or the rest of Europe you are sure to get a selection that will work in your climate.

Gardeners Box also makes for a memorable gift for those you love. Each month they will be reminded of you when they receive their lovingly crafted gardeners' box full of exciting ideas for their garden.

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