What’s inside a Gardeners Box? The monthly garden subscription box

Let’s take a peek inside one of our Gardeners Box so you can see what kind of treats you will receive each month! We hand pick the best seeds to sow each month, so each month will be different.

Whether you have green fingers or haven’t discovered them yet, whether you’re taking care of a small patch behind your house or a large garden we have you covered.

Gardeners Box takes the guesswork out of gardening and provides monthly inspiration to help your garden thrive during all four seasons of the year.

Every month you will receive 8 carefully curated packets of seeds, easy to follow instructions and plant markers delivered to your doorstep.

We only select seeds you can sow right now in the month you receive them, so you don’t have to worry if it is too early or too late to plant them.

This may include some of the following seeds based on the season:

  • Perennial flowers that you sow once and bloom for many years.
  • Annuals that are in flower for many months, that need to be reseeded as they die before winter
  • Groundcovers, perfect to fill empty gaps or your rockery garden
  • Vines or trellises to cover walls for privacy or aesthetic purposes. They also are the best choice for small gardens with limited space to add colour, texture and fragrance attracting bees and butterflies.
  • Grasses which require little maintenance but provide four seasons of interest.
  • Trees and shrubs for foliage, colour and shape
  • Vegetables and fruits including dwarf/miniature varieties that can be grown even on the balcony or patio
  • Herbs for cooking and health benefits

Each month for each variety you will get expert tips to ensure optimal germination as well as plant markers to organise your sprawling garden oasis.

You can then relax and enjoy hundreds of plants throughout the year that will bloom continuously from spring to late Autumn.

Welcome to Gardeners Box: A beautiful garden for the price of a few coffees at your local coffee shop each month.